Ovation Heavy Duty Descaler & Equipment Cleaner

Ovation Heavy Duty Descaler & Equipment CleanerA unique surfactant/emulsifier/conditioning system that eliminates the need for solvents, phosphates, and caustics. This functionally focused technology dissolves away soil and leaves a cleaner environment. It attacks greases, fats, oils and dirt, and still rinses freely. It’s the only cleaner you may ever need. No solvents, no caustics, no choking odors. A great choice that helps preserve our environment.

  • Grease, oil, fat, dirt, mud, and scum
  • Industrial floors, walls, equipment, engines, parking areas, kitchen areas, kitchen floors, schools, offices
  • Pressure washers, floor scrubbing machines, mop & bucket, spray & wipe, deck brush cleaning
  • Use 3 ounces per gallon of water.
  • Meter, spray, brush, mop or foam onto surface.
  • Agitate if needed.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Adjust dilution depending upon soil conditions
Special wetting agents ---> Improved soil penetration
Water conditioner package ---> Streak-free rinsing
No Solvents ---> Clean air
No NPE ---> Environmentally friendly
Biodegradable ---> Environmentally friendly
No Phosphates ---> Environmentally friendly
Emulsifiers ---> Grease releases from surface
Medium foam ---> Easy rinsing
pH undiluted ---> 11.5 - 11.9
pH (3% solution) ---> 10.2 - 10.7
Appearance ---> Clear liquid
Odor ---> Slight
Pounds per gallon ---> 8.55 - 8.65
VOC% ---> 0.00%
Flash point ---> Greater than 200 degrees F
Phosphate (as P) ---> 0.00%
Biodegradable ---> Yes

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Note: Protective gloves and glasses must be worn.
Read MSDS for further precautions and first aid.
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